This Is Not Just About Me. It’s You As Well.

For now, in this  moment, it is just Me I guess.

I Am an Essence of Good that is experiencing this Life in an Eternal Moment without end.  Cheesy.  True.

It is kind of a conundrum though.  I am an officer in the US Army.  I had a lot of introspection this past year as I made the promotion list for major and also would be eligible for 20yr retirement in a couple years (I know.  Seems like I’m a late bloomer.  I am.  I was in the Marines for 8yrs.)  What struck me was the senior leader advice I had been given to keep moving up.  Stay in.  I’m needed.  Kind of makes an interesting scenario for the one who sees Everything in a New Light.  I’m not a fan of war, killing etc, not a “gung-ho” oorah, hooah guy.  I am Me.  I could go on and on.  In the interim I can say, I am on my Path.

I like to think that everyone is Special.  We ALL are.  No doubt.  I Am Special.  I’m special to me.  You are special to me.

It was like I had been spending my whole life “on the verge” of waking up.  It finally happened January 2013 with subtle beginnings in the previous October.  The Shift.  I’ll save that for another time.  The End State is the Now.  A Balance of Mind/Body/Spirit.  A State of Being

Finding out I was an Empath was an aftereffect of The Shift…….ripples in the pond.  I love it.

More than anything else, if anyone reads anything that I have to say…you have my gratitude, my thanks.

My name is Benjamin.  Here I am BenGi.  The funny thing about being BenGi is that a friend (my soul sister) gave me that name in Iraq back in 2009.  BenGi with a G she would say, not a J, cause he’s not a Va-Jay Jay…dumb, and catchy.  It wasn’t until after the Shift last year that what I would come to call the Voice was like…google bengi.  And I was like….wow.  Huh.  A female Turkish name which means eternal, endless, immortal or a mythical water which gives one eternal life.  I was stunned to say the least.  Then my surprise evaporated into:  Of course.  It wasn’t until very recently that I discovered that the G actually stands for Guardian.  There are different sorts of light workers or whatever term you want to give them.  Mine is to protect that which matters most.  Life.  All Life.  Little 5yr old Benjamin wanted to be a firemen when he grew up.  He Grew.


I will look to write here and there with no rhyme or reason.  Just as I am guided.  I was guided as well almost a year ago in September, to look up an Empath.  I found Just Be (justpassingthrough) here on wordpress with the 30 traits of an Empath.  I was like Holy…..and then went from there.  Mostly observing what she had to say, reading comments, making my own comments (very rarely), and all the while wanting to say so much more.

Who Am I?

A Smile

& BenGi



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