22 April Update:  Huh.  Weird.  Generally I never update anything and rarely do the hindsight thing.  Apparently, Just For Today, I am doing just that.  It occurred to me on the run this morning to make this update.  To express the Idea that this IS possible if you can clean the gunk off your Mirror.  Not just clean the gunk off, but more…Polish the Mirror.  Polish it so fresh, so shiny, that you can finally see You and All Possibilities of You.

Polish your Mirror, my Friend.  22 April Update Complete___________________

Almost a year ago I had a Feeling.  A feeling that every choice I make is the right one.  No matter if it even has the appearance of a poor choice.  Something started to form in my Mind and Heart that the choices I was making (from now on) were for the Highest Possible Good.  I mean…after the Shift, I felt the whole Mirroring Effect of what I send out Energetically comes right back to me.  Basic Law of Attraction physics stuff.  To put it plainly, good thoughts reflect back good things coming into your life as well as the reverse effect as well.  I’m going to try and get this out of me the best I can and hopefully make sane enough sense for the apparent crazy notion.

The Thoughts and Feelings came to me about the Infinite possible futures that lay ahead of me.  Every one of those possible futures depending upon every single action I create in the present moment.  It’s almost as if the Present Version of Me is continuously sending out a signal and I am continuously receiving reflections from all the possible future outcomes and as I am in tune with my Higher-Self, am able to discern which choice I should make…….without thought, or rather over-thinking, just a DO-ing.  So the present Me, the one living in Harmony with Self, is out to create the best possible future for not just me, but for All Beings.  Everyone and Everything.

So art really is not my forte.  I drew the cover photo on my office white board when the Idea/Feeling was building a year ago.  It’s a really vague depiction.  My apologies for any who are so inclined to care at the gravity of my poor imagery.  One thing (an infinite thing, hah), is that you only see the One possible hallway of mirrors so to speak as opposed to the infinite possible number of mirrors which would be incredibly difficult considering my artistic skill level.  Another is that I break it down to one day, one week, one month, three months, etcetera.  In Reality it would be a reflection of every instant from every possible future reflecting back to me and up to me to choose…without thinking.  I know.  Crazy.  How to make sense of something like that.  A statement.  Not a question.  You don’t.  You can’t.  Just Do.  And Know with Full Faith and Confidence that all you do is for the Highest Good in the Universe as long as you are living in Harmony with your Highest-Self.

Tending My Garden

Ok I admit it.  I use analogies way too much.  However, this was truly the first that I used.  The Garden.  I am the Garden.  Five months into the Shift, May 2013, this became the first analogy.  Through my Inner Journey I had found the Optimist Creed by Christian D. Larson, which eventually led me to his book in which the Optimist Creed begins with, Your Forces and How to Use Them.  Then as I began to continue my tumble down the rabbit hole, a whole world/Universe of Christian D. Larson began to manifest in my life, namely The Pathway of Roses (among many others now).  That book took me to a place I was not expecting, and as I have found over and over again, things in life just unfold and blossom as they were intended to.  In my Mind, Body, and Spirit, I became like a flower garden where the sun is always shining.  It just needed tending to.  Not every now and then.  DAILY.  It is so important (for me, and would like to think for everyone) to start each day off perfectly.  Wake up with a smile and grateful to start anew.  And in the spirit of keeping the perfect morning going, I had to tend my Garden daily.  What do you do for a garden.  Give it plenty of water (preferably not tap or bottled), enrich the soil with just the right nutrients, plenty of sunshine, talk to it/give it Love, and oh so so important… to pull the weeds.  Daily.  For me this is starting the day with expressions of Gratitude to the Universe/God.  Prayer, affirmations, prayer, meditation.  You have to pull the weeds EVERY DAY.  They will creep back in and grow before you know it.  So I will open myself up a little more than I usually do and put down here my beginning prayer that I say every morning from The Pathway of Roses: To live always in the Secret Places of the Most High. To think only those thoughts that are inspired from above, To do all things in the conviction that God is with us, To give the best to all the world with no thought of reward. To leave all recompense to Him who doeth all things well. To love everybody as God loves us, and be Kind as He is Kind, To ask God for everything and in faith expect everything, To live in perpetual gratitude to Him who gives everything. To love God so much that we can inwardly feel that My Father and I are one. This is the prayer without ceasing, the true worship of the soul. I guess it’s fitting that I started publishing only on the 20th of each month and this 20th happens to coincidentally fall on the Spring Equinox.  Lots of crazy cool energy out there my friends.  Be safe, think positive.  Always.


It’s truly amazing how well people take care of their cars.  I used to
really care of mine as well.  Wash’er up at least once or twice a month, put
that shine on, show’er off.  Now I just cruise around in my scuffed up
silver Focus.  I like how it’s scuffed up.  After the Shift, the Focus had
an unfortunate incident where one of my neighbors must have decided that
backing up into my left (driver’s) side rear fender/bumper area was a good
idea.  Got her pretty good.  Instead of getting mad, I went another way.  I
decided to like it.  It was like me now.  Focused and scuffed up.  The Shift
had focused me, life had scarred me.  Long story, unnecessary here but my
left upper arm looks like I may have been bit by a shark (with some retained
titanium hardware to boot hah).  So for the past couple years I had thought
of myself and my car as reflections of one another (of sorts).  A couple
months ago I was thinking about THE main vehicle though.  Me.  I Drive Me.
Through the Shift I took the necessary steps to come into harmony with my
three aspects of Self.  I ingest only the most effective and efficient
Superfoods.  I take him on long drives (running) and conduct other levels of
vehicle maintenance and conditioning (strength training).  The computer
systems gets regular calibration tweaks (Lumosity, binaural beats,
affirmations).  The best thing I like most about my vehicle is.I love him.
Taking my time, waxing the surface, it is so clear that I see something
tremendously fundamental.  I see Me.  I see me looking at Me (daily
So one early morning waking up for work (around 0115ish), I heard the Voice.
He (Me) said, you (I) are (am) a Jaguar.  In general as it is I have a
cat-like personality.  I believe it was picked up by the cat I had in my
early developing years and as an empath, I may have taken on some of those
traits, but anyway, neither here nor there in this instance.  I received the
word, the word was I Am the Jaguar.  Not the cat.  The car (the body
vehicle) that I drive.  Later at work I found a picture online that I
printed out to have on the wall to remind myself that I am the Jaguar.  It
was silver and a convertible, very sleek.  I think it may have lasted a
couple days on the wall until I was reading about something and saw “black
jaguar”, knew in an instant I needed to change the picture.  As I am typing
this out (I love how the Universe continuously unveils things before me), I
just realized something.  The cat that I grew up with that had such a
profound effect on me from early childhood, George.  She was an all-black
cat.  I Am the Jaguar, and my engine purrs.

The Chicken or The Egg

So I was on the run one morning about a month ago and had this Thought about how grateful I was for the air filling my lungs and bringing me Life. In that spirit of Gratitude, my thoughts began to shift towards giving and receiving. Breathing out, breathing in and so on and so on. I further began to contemplate the life I once new as a person that was resistant to receive. Gifts, love, whatever. Giving was my thing. I was The Giver. With the Shift though and Letting Go, I allowed receiving back into my life. My thought Stream on the run continued with…..hmmmmmmm Giving and Receiving. What came first? The whole chicken or the egg thing. However, it came to me quickly. At least from my perspective, in this 3D physicality, it was Receiving. We come out of our little cocoon from our mother’s womb and the very first thing is that rush of air filling those tiny lungs with our very first Gift and us acting in kind by letting that air out and Giving back to the Universe.

The perpetual cycle began with Receiving that first breath……..We breathe in Universes that give us life and we transform/transmute those Universes and give them back to any and all who need it…..trees, flowers, the very grass under our feet…..

The Season of Receiving and Giving is not just about Christmas or the Holidays. It is the Essence of every moment.

With Love and Gratitude to All and a Very Safe and Merry Christmas,

The Receiver and The Giver

The Reverse Snowball Effect

In the Shift I have been full of analogies. I remember a few months ago when something had dawned on me (I always love those Dawns when they come by). Around May 2013 (much earlier than the aforementioned “dawning”), I realized that I had been this fish, always struggling to swim upstream, fight the current, make my way up the river. Such was my life. The struggle. BUT! I was a decent swimmer and didn’t have too many problems. The problems that came were when I struck something in the river, a rock, another fish (finding myself in a serious problem in life that I couldn’t handle), and then get swept downstream until I could regain my senses and begin my swim back up the river again. Against the current. When the huge challenges presented themselves I lost balance. Dealing with Life as The Struggle. So a few months after the Shift, I realized that I was no longer fighting the current. I had turned around and began swimming with the river. Going with the Flow so to speak, in a literal and figurative sense. As time went on and this poise and power began to grow within me, I had that “dawning” moment a few months ago. I was NOT the fish swimming down the river with the current/flow…I Am the River. I Create the Flow. I Am Creating the Flow.

I love those moments and like I said, am so full of analogies. I began to picture something else. Something New. I likened to call it The Reverse Snowball Effect. It occurred to me how when I would start a new workout program, or a new project (a new anything), I would tend to overdo it. I would be at the top of the hill as the little snowball and then come rolling down wildly out of control, growing bigger, and smashing everything in my path until…crash. Project complete. Forever. More than likely unfinished as well and in shambles haha. So living the life I lead now, in the New, in my Journey, the dawnings continue. Something very profound occurred to me on a run one day. I was hitting this hill and began to do as I always do…pick up speed and momentum. I got to the top and started down the other side and realized…going downhill does not feel natural. It’s awkward and clumsy, and I have to slow down due to the awkward nature of running downhill. I remembered a small but very important line at the end of Chapter X in Christian D. Larson’s, Your Forces and How to Use Them, found right here actually:

The optimist lives under a clear sky; the pessimist lives in a fog. The pessimist hesitates, and loses both time and opportunity; the optimist makes the best use of everything now, and builds himself up, steadily and surely, until all adversity is overcome and the object in view realized. The pessimist curbs his energies and concentrates his whole attention upon failure; the optimist gives all his thought and power to the attainment of success, and arouses his faculties and forces to the highest point of efficiency. The pessimist waits for better times, and expects to keep on waiting; the optimist goes to work with the best that is at hand now, and proceeds to create better times. The pessimist pours cold water on the fires of his own ability; the optimist adds fuel to those fires. The pessimist links his mind to everything that is losing ground; the optimist lives, thinks and works with everything that is determined to press on. The pessimist places a damper on everything; the optimist gives life, fire and go to everything. The optimist is a building force; the pessimist is always an obstacle in the way of progress. The pessimist lives in a dark, soggy unproductive world, the optimist lives in that mental sunshine that makes all things grow.

The Optimist is a Building Force. I thought of that, and I had the image of the snowball going uphill. Steadily, surely, perpetually, growing in size and strength. Physically, Mentally, and Spiritually. Regulated and in control. All three of the aspects that I continue to cultivate and develop daily. I Am You, and You are the Snowball as well. Which way will you roll? Choice. I love it.

The Resonance

So I have water on my mind.  And IN my mind for that matter. In my Body.  There are so many facets of The Shift, My Shift, that it is hard to just nail it down into one tidy package.  It’s spread out. Like the Universe.  I would like to take a stab at blending metaphysics and science, or at least a particular part of science that is still being explored as I think that the surface has barely been scratched.

I would say that January 2013 is when I dove into the deep end of my Shift, although it had been making attempts to push through for the past 20 plus years prior to. Once I Let Go, once I Surrendered, I embarked on a journey that I had no idea the heights I would be taking myself to. Onto the Heights in which I still travel in this moment.

I am looking at an aspect here of the whole Mind/Body/Spirit, and not completely sure where this is going to take me as I type.  I know where I want it to lead me, but then again we don’t always get what we expect. I am a fan of the Surprise haha.

In the Shift, I had no idea what I was doing. I made a Plan. I began to execute the plan. Week in and week out.  During this Plan (and still do) I would be doing things like: saying daily affirmations (eg: The Optimist Creed), daily prayer, meditation (eg: breathing focus, toning), fueling my body with the most effective and efficient nutrition (eg: spirulina, chlorella, chia), physical training (eg: running, circuit).  By April, four months later, I began to feel something in the center of my body.  Warm, light.  I noticed this for a couple of weeks and it wasn’t really bugging me too much, but I just had this…..”What Is This???” feeling.  Over and over.  What is this? I never felt anything like it before.  I knew it was important though.  Something wonderful.  Finally, one day it came to me.  The Voice in my head as I’ve come to call    It.  “Peace”.  This is Peace.  I fell in love with that Peace and over time it has transmuted into so much more.  May get into that another time.  Childlike wonder began to overtake me (I’m chuckling.  Still have it). 

Fast forward one year.  By April 2014, I had begun to grow exponentially more than what I was. Grabbing new things to read and trying new things to explore.  I found a book by Emoto Masaru, The Hidden Messages in Water (also wrote Messages from Water) which I had briefly heard a little bit about.  Water being affected by music, words, and intention. Beautifully shaped crystals being formed as a result of a piece by Chopin, words like Love and Gratitude, and prayer.  The water absorbing and taking on these things and responding in kind by forming exquisite crystalline shapes .  I won’t get into the specifics behind the process of the photography and whatnot, but the result of reading this book opened up a new chapter in my Life. Something became very abundantly clear. And it was almost like a “Duh” AND an “Aha!” moment almost at once.

Depending on where you check online or whatever other source, the human being is comprised between 60-75% water.  A year later and I finally got it.  I changed the composition of the molecules in my body.  The water within me.  Responding to my affirmations, prayers, and meditation.  I was doing this with my own intentions reflecting inward. The Resonance with water.  The resonance of the water within Me.  I Am Water.  I Am Peace.

The Power to achieve Inner Peace is within you.  You have to make a commitment to yourself though.  Make it a part of your routine like brushing your teeth.  Make it a part of yourself and always begin each day at Peace.  And with all this there is an incredible by-product as the Universe begins to wonderfully change around you, and amazing things happen.